Tempestarii: Storm-raisers (atmospheric methane ppb)

It was believed in Early Modern times that witches could raise storms on sea and land, as King James 1st wrote in “Daemonologie”. This tapestry depicts witches sinking his ship, taken from the pamphlet “Newes From Scotland”. Also shown are woodcut images of storm-raising witches from continental sources, believed to damage crops through spells, as well as raising storms at sea.

Cornish witches were believed to practice “selling the wind” to sailors. A magic knotted rope could be untied to release a breeze or a storm.

The red figures show current scientific data relating to climate change.  The green microscope images are of Phytophthera, a plant disease also associated with climate change.

Knotted tapestry; 170 x 164 cm. 2016