Protective Magic: Dried Cat (April-May 2020)

This small tapestry was made in the early part of the UK lockdown in response to the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic of 2020.

The image is that of a dried cat, an object of "magical house protection"*, held in the collection of the Museum in the Park, Stroud, UK. Across the UK and Europe, and as far away as the Americas and Australia, dead cats have been discovered walled-up in old houses and buildings during repair or reconstruction. Usually located near a window, a chimney or other opening, they appear to have been put in place, hopefully already dead, to offer protection against bad luck, witchcraft, or infestation by vermin.


*Hoggard, B; Magical House Protection: The Archeology of Counter-Witchcraft. New York; Berghahn Books. 2019




Knotted Tapestry

Cotton, linen, synthetic yarns


33 x 45 cm